Digital business today, on average, makes up to 10% of total business in IT companies, which means that there is a huge potential for business improvement.

Expected growth of digital business is about 11% annually, and only 3% in the field of software and IT services.

Companies with completed digital transformation have become 26% more profitable.

is Digital Transformation?

The term "digital transformation" refers to a new way of doing business that relates to changes in internal and external strategies that will help modern technologies to provide more efficient work of employees and better customer relationships. Real business transformation will occur only if all company’s resources adopt new strategies.

Digital Transformation?

Industrial processes can no longer be based on outdated and closed IT eco-systems. By using these premises, organizations limit their employees from advancing and from demonstrating their skills in the right way. Such a way of doing business affects not only the company, but also its customers. They now expect to communicate with the company on a modern basis and if this is not the case, their satisfaction will be reduced and the company can end up losing their clients.

Today, a small start-up company can easily become a competitor to large corporations and that is the reason why large companies have to be ready to accept changes quickly and to adapt to new market conditions.

Does Digital Transformation Affect Changes in Business?

There is no universal formula for digital transformation. This process is completely personalized and Saga and New Frontier Group approached this issue in a systematic way. On the website there is a free questionnaire that allows proper assessment of the extent to which the business of an enterprise is digitally transformed. Based on the given answers, a strategy for personalized process of digital transformation is created, which we call the Missing Link.

Why Missing Link? Because it is a universal term that describes the missing link in the evolutionary development. With our strategy and knowledge of the market, we enable companies to find that "missing link" that will allow them to raise their business on a more profitable, more efficient and streamlined level. This process consists of three main factors:

  • Employee engagement

  • Customer engagement

  • Business model innovation

63.3% of companies in CEE consider digital transformation as an opportunity for development.

IDC White paper „How Digital Transformation is Changing Business in CEE“

Only 11% of companies in the CEE reached the fourth level of the digital transformation. Most companies in Serbia evaluated themselves as being on the 1st or 2nd level.

IDC White paper „How Digital Transformation is Changing Business in CEE“


Since digital technologies and the increasing volume of production have been reducing prices of manufactured products and in order for the profitability to remain on the same or higher level than before, it is necessary to increase efficiency, which is one of the highest priorities in the companies today. The safest way for this is to increase the engagement of employees. In order to find a way to successfully increase employees’ engagement, a company must find the ways to connect with them. It must offer them all the relevant information and all the knowledge required to perform the job. When you improve communication and awareness of the employees, the gap between the technical and human resources will reduce, which leads to a better exchange of ideas and creative ways to do business.

How to successfully increase employee engagement? One of the ways would be gamification, tools on social networks, portals with a unique content ... In this way, success in digital economy is based on the establishment of an agile and flexible organizational structure. New Frontier Group has already developed a set of products that effectively cover this segment of business.



Engaging customers is a critical factor in the digital market. Digital economy brings a new class of customers who have grown up with modern technologies. Only a company that is able to differentiate its products and services from competitor will manage to attract the attention of those customers. In the highly competitive digital market, diversity means transformation in a way that will achieve customer interest in the product, service or the brand as a whole. Only that "wow" - factor will engage customers enough to adopt and continue using that particular product or a service. Also, different customers have different tastes, they like different things. Therefore, each of them must and should be treated as a unique individual. Products and services must be created in such a way to anticipate the desires and needs of each individual customer. In this field, Saga and New Frontier Group also own products that are fully customizable to each customer, and the companies where they are implemented are extremely satisfied with the achieved effect.



The third factor, business model innovation is necessary because today's market has drastically changed and is still changing. Digital technologies have completely redefined the ways of communicating, learning and doing business. Thanks to smart phones, tablets, wireless communication and social networks we got not only better, more engaged and flexible employees – but at the same time we have more demanding and better informed customers. Business transformation is therefore an ongoing process. It requires constant company’s adaptation to market conditions that are now changing faster than ever. Continuous innovation of business requires constant engagement of employees, time and money. It may not be cheap, but if a company does not take this step, competition will run it over. And in the final calculation, the investment will pay itself off quickly and ROI percentage will always be high.

Sales of technologies based on the 3rd generation platform (mobility, cloud, big data, social networks) increased by 15% in 2014, while sales of technologies based on the 2nd generation platforms (client/server and LAN/Internet infrastructure) rose by only 3%.

IDC White paper „How Digital Transformation is Changing Business in CEE“


New Frontier Group, as well as Saga, which is a member of the group, recognized value of the digital transformation for a while now. Tradition and experience in the market 25 years long have enabled us to spot problems that arise in businesses and find that "Missing Link". We started transformation first in our company, and now we present its advantages to our clients and partners. We are actively carrying out the transformation in our business because we believe that such an experience will help us introduce other companies to digital transformation.

Digital business today makes on average up to 10% of total business in IT companies, and the expected growth is around 11% on annual level. In comparison to this, the expected average growth in the field of software and IT services is only 3%. This demonstrates the potential that lies in the digital transformation. Solutions offered by New Frontier Group and Saga already make more than 20% of our revenue. That is more than double of the average in the market and is another indication that we are true leaders in Central and Eastern Europe when it comes to digital transformation.


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